lib•er•ty [lib-ər-dē], noun
Freedom from confinement or physical restraint; the quality or state of being free.

  • Liberty literally means freedom from confinement or restraint–the state of being free–and that is exactly what our company is all about. We really do want to help you realize the freedom associated with finding auto financing for the vehicle you need. We are committed to helping all our clients take the steps to either build their credit from nothing or rebuild their credit using monthly successful payments on their car loan. Using the car payments being successfully handled, but doing so by offering affordable payment plans in paying down your vehicle while building your credit reputation. Liberty offers a discrete, easy, fast, and secure application process .

    Hundreds of Canadians just like you are in need of a car loan every single day. Most of them are worried about the credit situation and are unsure if they will be approved or not. If you have any concerns about getting a car loan, that’s our job. We already helped hundreds of Canadians approved for an auto loan! People come to us because they know that we will get the job done. We strive really hard to help you get the vehicle that you need for your hard earned money. Regardless of your credit situation, even if you have had previous credit history issue, it doesn’t matter, we will work hard for you – guaranteed! If you need to get approved quickly and easily then look no further, we are here to help you!

    Liberty Auto Loans have various lenders, tools and product at their disposal to offer you the best terms and conditions for your new vehicle. We can even offer 0% on select vehicles.

  • Respectful and Professional Staff- People really do make the difference. Customers and Employees are our two most valuable assets. Liberty Auto Loans is readily available to anyone and everyone.

  • Multi Point Checklist- Performed on every vehicle. We show you what mechanical and cosmetic issues we may have found and what will be done on every pre-owned vehicles.

  • High Trade in Allowance- we want your trade whether you buy from us or not, many times we can exceed Book value.

  • Our goal is to provide our customers a truly exceptional experience within every area of our operations. We will view every interaction as an opportunity to build a long term, meaningful relationship with our customers using a value building approach.